Hi, I'm Evan Febrillet a  photographer who's all about capturing moments with a cinematic & artistic touch. I've been navigating the world of photography for over ten years, and it's been such a passionate journey.
    Films have always been my inspiration—the way they play with light, evoke emotions, and tell stories, that give you a break from reality. Cinema is more than just a fancy influence for me; it's the heartbeat of my photography.
    Cinema has taught me to appreciate the subtleties—the play of colors,  and the impact of a well-composed shot.
  What sets me apart isn't just my technical skills; it's my laid-back and friendly approach. I want you to not just love the pictures but also enjoy the entire process. When you're in front of my lens, it's not just a photoshoot; it's a collaboration, a journey. I'm committed to infusing every frame with enthusiasm and dedication, turning your personal moments into lifetime memories.
  I understand that being in front of a camera can feel a bit nerve-wracking. That's where I come in. My goal is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, like you're hanging out with a friend who just happens to have a camera. Whether it's your wedding day, a business event, or a casual photoshoot, I'm here to ensure every interaction is positive and memorable.
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